Thank you for contacting a dealership in your area upon request.

At the moment the following regulation is in force:

The stage of free acceptance of applications runs until October 30, 2020. At the end of this period, after passing a questionnaire and standard procedures for checking counterparties, all potential dealers receive a starter package of documents containing an expanded list of equipment, dealer conditions and a training program.

The distribution of questionnaires will be made from October 15, 2020, by e-mail to everyone who applied, as well as duplicated on the website in the "Dealers" section, which will become active on the same day.

For all companies that have passed the selection procedure, starting from November 2, there will be an opportunity to undergo a brief online test and receive feedback on product knowledge, as well as recommendations for its promotion. At the same time, a remote signing of a dealer agreement and receipt of a package of advertising materials is taking place.